Increased pay package for Company Drivers – REM Transport

March 21, 2019News


Increased pay package for Company Drivers – REM Transport

March 21, 2019 News

R.E.M. Transport announces the roll out of an increased pay package for Company Drivers

R.E.M. Transport is pleased to announce that they have made the following changes to their Company Driver Pay Package:

  • Increased the mileage base rates paid to $0.43 per mile for Van drivers and $0.44 per mile for Flatbed drivers;
  • Added a performance bonus of $0.02 per mile for attaining mileage targets of 10,000 miles per month; and
  • Instituted a driver loyalty program that will reward company drivers each year with an increase to their mileage base rate to reflect their commitment to R.E.M. Transport, to a maximum of an additional $0.04 per mile.

This positive change is a significant commitment by R.E.M. Transport to support our existing group of loyal Company Drivers and as well as welcoming new Company Drivers to join our growing team.

We encourage any other Company Drivers to contact our recruiter, Jamie White, at 506-465-6254 to learn more about the opportunities to join our growing team at R.E.M. Transport.   At R.E.M. Transport, you will be treated extremely well by our dedicated staff, be compensated very well and receive good quality, long miles throughout the USA.




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